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If people knew the truth.

If people knew the truth about my facebook status, they wouldn’t find yours so funny.

If they realized that the only realize it is what it is, is because you got drunk at my house and decided to string a line of insults my way, would they still find it funny? If they knew you called me disgusting, fat, ugly, gross, un-fashionable, old, and said you hated me, constantly, over and over again…. would it still be funny to them?

If they knew that as i told you to get out of my house, and take your fucking empties with you, you stood in the doorway of my basement, looked at me and said

"You know grace, dating you is one of my biggest regrets." only to walk away to put your shoes on, would they still find it funny?

Would they find it funny to know that you ran after me up the stairs trying to stop me from crying, begging, pleading me, to open the bathroom door. When my only response was to fuck off, and to get out of my house. When you sent me massive texts trying to win me back, and none of it worked.

Would anyone really find that funny, if they knew the whole truth behind you and your facebook status?